Questions for Prendergast


So I don’t forget them, while I’m working:

Mr. Prendergast, you’re often photographed about spoken about in close relation to high-profile celebrities. This “star power” no doubt has a positive impact on your ability to reach a broader audience and to more immediately grab that audience’s attention. Do you feel that you need celebrities to do your work most effectively? And if so, should that not be a little discouraging¬†to those of us without that connection?

Have you had any successes, directly or indirectly? What are your methods, and recommended methods for policy-makers?

What is the general turn-around time from the time you’ve identified a problem to research to the time you’ve influenced a party or government to do something about it? What is ideal? What is acceptable? When is it too late?

How do you grapple with your role as a hands-off researcher, knowing that the people you’re studying today might well be beyond the reach of aid by the time the red tape is cleared?

Do you feel that the advent of the internet has facilitated positive change on the world stage, or engendered an environment of desensitized apathy or jadedness that popularizes trends but undercuts actual real-life momentum, by allowing us to just keep “scrolling by” suffering we see every day?


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