Unit 4- Listening to DS106 Radio


In the Mix with DS106

Man, this was weird. Also sorry for breaking this unit up into so many posts. Prof L. I think had instructed us to post and individual item with just the Serial response, which fell kind of in the middle of Unit 4, and I didn’t want to break my rhythm so I just put up some posts in order. But. So. The radio thing was weird. I listened for a while to some trippy music on one occasion, but that was quickly interrupted by some student bumpers, and then I guess the Head Man explaining about the bumpers? He didn’t introduce himself. And then at some point this scottio character that keeps popping up said his piece from a  Tokyo subway station. I stopped listening. Then the next time, I tuned in during this absurd noir drama that involved a PI and some magic and also murders and police. It was bizarre. Then after a bumper or two we switched over to some creepy 70s kind of music that seemed like it had to do with sex but was also weirdly discordant and arrhythmic so I don’t know what that was about. I tweeted about the second half of my experience, and I think I’m pretty funny, so that’s nice. Check it: https://twitter.com/Obi_Wan_Jacobi


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