Unit 4


Audio Storytelling

I’ve heard this advice from Ira Glass before, at least parts of it. Then as now what sticks out to me is his advice about perseverance for the endeavoring creator. It is so, so frustrating, so discouraging and disappointing and worse than that, to want so badly to make something and make it well and find your actual product to fall short of your expectations. The most maddening and depressing part of the experience is not knowing where you went wrong. As Ira says, not being able to put your finger on it. Its not like an engine that you can take apart and look for a broken piece. A story that falls flat, especially a good story, might as well be a question of quantum physics. To unravel it methodically and find the answer might drive you insane before you get what you’re looking for.

Jad Abumrad on the other hand just kind of makes me feel like I’m being lied to. Maybe the way he spoke about putting images in your head was creepy. The thing about that is, it has nothing to do with radio. Every song and epic poem and novel and piece of bathroom graffiti since we stood upright has been doing the same thing. I mean honestly even cave paintings call to mind other images, memories of real living animals or fires or something. The only thing about that experience that is exclusive  to radio is that absent human voice, that is speaking to the listener, and the myriad characteristics of which speak volumes not reflected in the script being read.


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