Unit 4- 5 Sound Story


We Meet Again, SoundCloud

I thought this would be super easy, and to some extent it was. Conceptualization took a minute, but recording was a breeze and uploading was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be. The only hangup is that I can’t see a way to edit the audio in I imported to SoundCloud, so the volume is really low on the last 2 clips. Like, because its 2015 and stuff, I know I could edit those 2 clips and and even out the volume and then upload them again and have it all flow together better. Actually, weirdly, volume control was the thing I struggled with most when I used garage band for my bumper. So I’m not confident that the amount of effort I’d have to put into it to figure out what I was doing and then implement the desired changes would be worth the reward of a slight volume adjustment and feeling good about myself. But you know, next time. Here’s that old link, you jazzy cats.


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