Unit 5- Photoblitzing/Better Photographers


This was a wacky little time I had. I chose to work in my house, because that’s where I was and I have a ton of work to do. Trying to get more than a few of those things in in fifteen minutes I felt was unmanageable. Only one of my ideas failed and I only had to remove a cat from my space twice and I still only got 4 done. The idea of picking your best five I think is unreasonable because if you have more than that you can’t have really put too much work into any of them, so I don’t know how great your “best 5” could really be. Also, I tried to fit everything into the fifteen minutes. I did a little conceptualizing before I started, but then I just went. So everything that went into the photos, like arranging the items and getting the light right and figuring out where to position myself and my camera and everything, that all happened within the fifteen minutes. I feel like maybe I could have run around and set everything up before hand and then started snapping pictures, but I feel like that wouldn’t be in the spirit of the exercise. Once everything is all set up, just taking the picture I think is the easy part. The challenge was to get everything set and compose yourself a photo. I think.

In doing that, I think the most effective was probably the shadow. Once I figured out to step back, or my girlfriend told me to, and switch to black and white, it came out a lot better. I also like the candlelit deodorant because I think that’s funny.

I didn’t see a lot that jumped out to me in the stuff on the hashtag. One dude took a picture like into the mouth of his water bottle, that was cool. I like Larissa’s one color yoga ball. ¬†Somebody else took a picture of what looks like a wall of ice which is pretty awesome. The thing is, though, that this little snippet they gave us about photo techniques is I think a little lacking. Especially considering the next part of the assignment is to comment on other people’s work and offer insights or suggestions. As much as I was paying attention to those pointers and tried to incorporate some of them into my work, I still know virtually nothing about photography, so I don’t think I have any business telling anyone else about theirs.

Speaking of those pointers, I tried to change perspective as much as I could in the photos I put up. I got down below the table the deodorant was on in order to elevate it and make it seem important and imposing, which had the added effect of making that Radiohead poster loom in the background, which was cool. I got real close to the records on my shelf, which I’m used to seeing in their entirety. I was focusing in close on the picture of the shadow, but it came out best when I stepped back. I also tried to pay special attention to light, where it was coming from and what place it took in the photos themselves.


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