Unit 6 Star Assignment- DIY MTG Cards (4 Stars)


So amped on this little assignment. I’ve actually wanted to do this fora while so I had some ideas, but I’ve never pursued actually making the cards. The cards I had in mind were meant to be jokes and mementos for my buddy who moved away recently. The tool was really easy to use, although it wouldn’t take one of the images I wanted. So, I kind of ignored the rules to make the cards about a tv show or something, but it said other stories so I think this counts, cause boy have I got stories for you. Anyway look at these! Here they are. I think they’re good. And if you play, you tell me, but I think they’re cool cards, and fairly balanced.

 Princess Pancakes MTG Impromptu Drug Party MTG High 5 the House MTG Joe MTG

And, that’s actually 15.5 stars, so I’ll see you clowns in Unit 7.


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