Unit 6 Star Assignments- Valentine (3 Stars)


I got the idea for this one right away, and was pleased with how easy it was to put together. I’m getting a lot more comfortable with powerpoint, and I’m able to better use it to do what I want to do. Putting that big image down was easy, and putting the text over it was easy too. I had to move it around a little till it got to where I thought it looked good, but that wasn’t hard, it was just me being picky. The big thing I took away from doing this was the work with the Indiana Jones logo. I knew wanted it on there, I don’t know why, just cause. I wasn’t sure if I wanted it a little transparent or not, but with the text up there I decided I did. The thing was, I had to cut the logo out of a larger image with a background, so again I had to use the PPT background removal tool. This time I figured out I was able to really get in close with it and exercise pretty precise control over what was kept and what was removed. So I ended up with a logo that is choppy if you really zoom in, but from a distance it looks good, and with it being a little transparent, it really looks like there was never a background there at all, and I think that’s pretty cool.

That’s 11.5 now.


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