Unit 7- Foley Sounds


Wowwee, am I behind. It has been difficult, this semester, to keep it together. It seems like everything is trying to fall apart, no matter how I try to direct my energy. Last night, even, I had had myself a day, boy, but I wasn’t up against any dangerous deadlines and it was ever kind of early in the night, which is remarkable. And it occurred to me that I had seen that Blade Runner was free on demand for the next few days, and I have never seen Blade Runner, but I know its a pretty well-loved sci-fi movie, and it has Harrison Ford in it, and that makes me want to watch it. And I thought, you know what, Matt Jacobi? Tonight, instead of staying up all night torturing myself with stuff, I’m gonna watch Blade Runner, and it’ll be over by like 2, and I can go to sleep then and still get a really solid night’s sleep before I have to get up to present my poster at Research Days (which, boy, was that a huge waste of my time), and then have myself a real productive day tomorrow. And I hit play, and the opening credits went, and the title card went, and it was that other card that says the setting, like place and year, and right then, my little brother texted me, in desperation, because his senior thesis was due in the morning and he wasn’t done with it yet and he needed help. So instead of what I was gonna do, I had my brother email me his 40+ page unfinished thesis about the role Prohibition played in the increase of organized crime in New Jersey. I’m still a little disappointed about the whole thing.

Now, les presento a “Chaplin-Lion-02”. I know this all happened in the past for you guys, but I think this thing is pretty good. I threw a grill lighter into a pile of plastic bags backed by a towel for the splashing water, and for the tiger’s roar I just ran the edge of a glass candle jar on the top of my wood desk. Fun with science! Its not science, I know. You don’t think I know what science is? Who do you even think you are? Get out of my blog.

400 Stars. [I win Super Mario 64]


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