Unit 7 star assignments- greatest hits storytelling (3.5 stars)


This is the worst work I’ve done for this class, bootcamp included. I thought it would be so much simpler- my idea seemed so workable. And then… So the assignment is to cut together a  bunch of songs by the same artist to make a new coherent story. I thought, no problem. I pulled like 6 weezer tunes about falling in love out of my iTunes library and set to cutting together the parts where I liked the lyrics. The result, is terrible. There is no music in it at all. And because I don’t want to learn about music, because I find it distasteful, I did not take my one and only fan’s suggestion of just googling “weezer songs in A minor” or something so that the songs would be in the same key and they would sound better. So now we just have this jarring monstrosity. But whatever, it satisfies what the assignment asked for. Then though, I had to deal with getting it on the blog. WordPress doesn’t let you upload audio unless you pay, so I went to put it on youtube, but I had to make it a video first, which was annoying. So now, hopefully, that video is done uploading, and the link is here:

Good riddance to bad rubbish, and unit 7.

12 Stars. OVERLOAD.


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