Unit 8- Blog Comment Narratives


I tried to do this assignment, I really did. But in the end, I didn’t do it. And here’s why. The bottom line is I think its a poorly thought out assignment. The task is to 1) develop a character and then 2) comment on the work of other ds106 students as that character, while 3) using those comments to further solidify and flesh out that character. This is unrealistic. To develop a character is nothing.

Hey, my name is Magnus Sterlungstøn. I’m really into dried fish and new wave films, but I have a soft spot for the classics. I love the way they use shadow in Casablanca. I am a 3rd grade teacher in Boulder, Colorado. My girlfriend works for the National Parks Service and we have two dogs; Daisy and Thud.

See? Nice and easy. And, to make comments as a character, and use those comments as character development is also pretty easy. But, to make those comments on the limited forum of ds106 posts is not so easy. Here’s the thing: I could have completed the assignment. I could have slapped up some sham character and had him post “whoa, good job! I’m so into web design, so I think its so cool that you were able to put a picture of a cat onto the google main page! :3”  But I thought that would be insulting to the people whose work I would be commenting on. Its condescending and artificial and so against the spirit of what I thought we were supposed to be doing here. Openness and collaboration and sharing does not equal pretending and mockery and imitation. Personally, I bristle at the idea of being somebody else’s monkey, and if I saw comments on my blog that I thought were self-serving and meant to do something other than comment on my blog, I would delete them and block the user. It just seems rude to me. Full disclosure: I might just be in an awful mood right now, and all this could change. But really, I think that this assignment misses the mark, and is contrary to what I understood to be the spirit of the course.


Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 3.03.32 PM


Nothing could make a bad assignment worse than whoever conceived of the half-baked thing not even bothering to go through the copy and make sure it says what its supposed to. Its really adding insult to injury.

I award you no stars, and may God have mercy on your soul.


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