Unit 8- Dream Vacay (3 Stars)


The assignment here was to sign up for pinterest and then create a board for your dream vacation. Immediately I had some ideas. Really all I want to do is take my girlfriend somewhere tropical where we can spend days doing absolutely whatever we want without responsibilities or concerns. For that, I want an all inclusive resort with a well appointed room by a very nice beach, with access to pools and jacuzzis. I also want really good food at nice restaurants and whenever we want it, and if we feel like drinking a bunch of alcohol and going out and all that, then there should be that too. Like in real life I actually want this, to just go away for a little bit and be happy without worrying about our jobs or grades or friends or families. It would be spectacular. For the purposes of this assignment, I just started pinning anything that looked tropical and luxurious, but soon most of the pins started coming from the Dominican Republic, which is not a coincidence because I was searching for them. Not to overshare, but because my girlfriend is Dominican, I think DR would be the ideal place for any such getaway for us, because in addition to the resort decadence that I want and that I think we both sorely need, we could spend time traveling the country, and she could show me all the places she always talks about. The city, her favorite beach, the tree behind her parents’ house, where her grandma lives on the mountain, all that stuff. I think that would add a great element to our vacation and really bump it up to a truly awesome time.

What can I do to make this happen? I think, nothing. For personal reasons we can’t travel right now. And for more pragmatic reasons, we’re both bound to remain home for a while to finish our degrees. Next year? Maybe. Probably not, but maybe. But if it can be done then, all we’ll need will be to take some time off of our new jobs and save a bit of money. Relatively speaking it isn’t that expensive to travel to the Dominican Republic and vacation in style, if you time your flights right. We would only need to book the resort, and everything else we would just do if and when we felt like it, in keeping with the spirit of the trip. Now, get out of my life and mind your own business.

But first peep this link:

3 stars


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