Unit 8 Star Assignments- LOL @ Google Translate


This assignment is maybe a little mean spirited? But it is kind of funny. Also its slim pickings for these web assignments so I kind of had to take what I could get. I really didn’t want to use mozilla tools again, so between avoiding those and trying not to use pinterest for another assignment, there wasn’t a ton left to choose from. Anyway this ended up kind of funny. I found a recipe in spanish that I asked google to translate into english. You can view the result here:


One of my favorite parts, and probably the most silly and jumbled, is pictured above. As per the assignment, I will now try and explain what went wrong here. Hilariously, the recipe in translation calls for a 1/2 kilogram of Pope. That is, the Pope. The Pontiff. The holy father of something or another- the king of the catholic church. So that’s pretty funny. What the recipe really calls for is that same amount of potatoes, and not the flesh of a religious figure. The word is “papa.” The thing about spanish is that its not one language, its like 100, or more, really. So there are different ways to say things. Papa and patata (I think, I’m not that good at the language) are more or less interchangeable to refer to potatoes. Nobody who actually speaks Spanish would ever think that this recipe calls for his holiness, but google does. Interestingly, another mistranslation has a religious slant as well. The word “mass” kept coming up in the English translation, and something about that didn’t seem right to me. Because why wold “mass” and not “weight” be used in a recipe, if at all. It just didn’t make sense. So I looked at the Spanish and the word was “masa.” Masa, if you don’t know, is the word for the cornmeal dough that was a staple of the diet of the indigenous peoples of South and Central America, and used to make, amongst other things, tortillas- the rich, flavorful grandaddy of those bland, thin, papery white flour tortillas you eat your sad chicken caesar wraps on in the car on your way to something you don’t want to do. I don’t know why google missed that translation. Maybe because its not a translation. Masa isn’t dough, its masa. I mean it is a type of dough, but it is its own thing. But now its in the recipe like a religious ceremony. I tried to help. We’ll see if they listen.

5 Stars


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