Unit 9- More Info+Genre+Clips?


There aren’t too many fascinating stories from the production of this movie. They sold Prof. X’s wheelchair after the first movie, so they had to rent it back from the guy who bought it. Neil Patrick Harris got beat by Alan Cumming for Nightcrawler. Turns out Cumming speaks German. It took 10 hours to get Alan Cumming in full makeup from the waist up. So, that doesn’t say too much about the movie, its just kind of trivia associated with it.  I think X-Men 2 is pretty indisputably a sci-fi action movie. It had a huge budget (110 mil) and lots of big visual effects and battles and stuff, and existed in an alternate reality where impossible things happen all the time. So, that’s pretty much the definition of those genres.

Below, you will find a link. I’ve been working on the linked video for literally hours. The tool actually was really easy to use. I just needed to find a workaround because the tool I was directed to from ds106 stopped cooperating and it wouldn’t let me import the clips in the right order. I followed the guy’s instructions and tried other ways and nothing. I think maybe the fact that I used numbers in the file names might have messed it up, but rather than rename and reorganize everything I just pulled it all into iMovie and did it that way and it worked fine and was easy. I think these clips really make it clear that this was a sci-fi action movie, but I guess you can argue with me if you want. You’re wrong, but like, live your life. I don’t care.

Night of too many stars!


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