Unit 9- Youtube Genres


EDIT: UGH! Fixed it!

The assignment asks to either 1) add a video to an existing category or 2) develop a new category. The thing about that is, what I really want to do is to collapse like most of these categories and simplify the hell out of this list. It seems like DS106ers of future past might have not been paying really close attention to what was already up on the list when they were adding new categories, cause there is a ton of redundancy. Rather than deleting everybody else’s work on the google doc and reorganizing it in what I feel is the right way (which man I REALLY want to do and am still thinking about doing), I will list below the categories that I believe to exist on YouTube, including insofar as they are useful and relevant the categories that have been put forth by those who went before me.

I. Parodies

II. Everyday Life as…

__A. Art

__B. Musical

III. Calls to Action

__A. Music for a Cause

__B. Fundraising Video (Kickstarter, etc.)


__A. LifeHacks

__B. Tutorials

____1. Let’s Play! Videos

____2. Intellectual/Theoretical

____3. Practical

V. Adaptation of Existing Work

__A. Pop Culture

__B. Literature

__C. Song Covers

__D. Mashups/Medleys/Remixes

VI. Animation

VII. Digital Art

VIII. Music

__A. Professional Music Video

__B. Fan Video

__C. Homemade Video

____1. of Published Material

____2. of Original Material

__D. Beats

IX. Informational

__A. Documentaries

__B. Topic Entries (Geology, Algebra, etc.)

__C. Infographs

X. Humor

__A. Unintentional

__B. Staged

__C. Musical

__D. Pranks

__E. Cute and Funny

__F. Satire

XI. Emotional

__A. Adorable

____1. Children

____2. Animals

______a. Animals Being Human

______b. Baby Animals

__B. Surprises

____1. Military Homecomings

____2. Proposals

____3. Random Acts of Kindness

XII. Vlogs

XIII. Extensions of Other Media (TV shows, etc.)

XIV. Copied and Uploaded Material

__A. Movies

____1. Ripped/Pirated/Bootlegged/Otherwise Stolen

____2. Legally Uploaded

__B. TV Shows

__C. Clips

XV. Conspiracy

So I added a few and deleted a few more, but I think I pretty much nailed it, just saying. I wish now I could just run through and restructure the whole thing but A) that would be rude and B) no, I have way too much other stuff to do that’s much more important. Like the next session of this unit! So.

I. Stars

__A. One Star

____1. A Piece of a Star

______a. Light (Burning Hydrogen, but Shut up.)



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