Unit 10 Star Assignments- Make a Music Video (5 Stars)


For this assignment, I went this the style of like a homemade, youtube video style music video. Unplugged, soulful, etc. I’m very embarrassed, but there was a time when I thought this was a really funny idea and often that’s all it takes for me to go with it. Before I selected this assignment I actually put a substantial amount of work into another video assignment. I was “censoring” the new star wars trailer so it looked like they were swearing, but I really found what I was doing to be repugnant when I was about 75% done, so I scraped the project. I’m sure someone will disparageĀ the pure beauty and joy of that trailer, to which I say, fight me, bro. But I won’t be the one to do it. Instead, deal with this insult to us all.

if my count is correct, that’s 14 stars, which means… OVERDRIVE.


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