Remix Generator- Dear Diary… Remixed: Swede it!


The original assignment was to write a diary entry for a disney character. The remix: to “Swede it” which, according to a google search, alludes to the Jack Black and Mos Def movie Be Kind Rewind, meaning to make it low budget and weird. So here’s my interpretations of that.

Dear Aladdin’s Diary,

Its been a hard day of, um, urchin-ing. I’m feeling very… dusty. And poor. Me and Aloo- Apu? Me and Abu have just been, you know, being decent guys out here in our hideout kind of area, but its hard going. We’ve only got this one piece of bread to eat. Like, did we want to steal it? No! But hey! My monkey’s gotta eat! I’ll go to jail for him, I don’t even care. I’m way faster than those big, poofy, swordy guys anyway. That princess Jasmine, she’s real pretty. I wonder if there’s some way I could get her to notice me. I’m sure she’d like me a lot if she gave me a chance. If only I had something magic. Abu, what’s that? No way! Get out of here, quit lying’ to me man! Oh, come on, don’t get upset. The monkey is trying to tell me that there’s a big cave out in the desert inside the soul of a tiger demon, and that we could probably get in there and all of our problems would be solved. But like, no way, right? Abu, you’re nuts buddy. I like you, but you’re nuts.


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