Unit 11 Wrap up


This unit shared a lot of tools and techniques, and weirdly talked a lot about definitions, but I think the thing is, we’ve been doing remixes in a way for most of this course. I mean as soon as the assignment was, “take this thing, and combine it with this,” we were doing remixes. So I don’t have anything very new to say about it except that every new thing we do, every tool we use, every thing we try, opens new avenues and makes more and different projects possible, and that’s cool. Concerning the unit, I do have one thing to say, and that is about copyright. I don’t have any beef with my video getting blocked or removed because of copyright. Its not mine, so that’s fair. The thing is, the ds106 site didn’t really help at all. Even the page that’s dedicated to copyright was just like, yeah it happens, here’s some stuff to read on the larger issue if you’re interested. Also there’s vimeo. But that was kind of it. I think such a big real life issue maybe warranted a little more in the way of guidance or suggestion. But maybe that’s just me.


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