Unit 12- Final Project


Honestly, I’m really proud of myself for doing this. Many, if not most well adjusted adults might say I should be ashamed of myself instead, but I say history will be the judge of that. I’m really pleased with myself for having created this final project, but for its concept and its execution. Its concept is of the type that you come up with when your friends start having babies and you spend more time than you used to watching children’s cartoons. The execution though, would have been a whole hell of a lot harder without DS106. I’m not lying when I say that in putting together this project I used tools and skills from at least three previous units that I can think of to accomplish tasks toward the larger goal. As such, this is an amazing marker of what I’ve learned and accomplished in this class. If all classes had such a satisfying conclusion I’d stay in grad school forever. Sike, nah, dude’s gotta make some money.

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