Make Your Own Daily Create- Your Name is Meaningless.


Record yourself saying your own name until it doesn’t sound like anything to you. Don’t practice. Don’t do multiple takes. Just start recording a voice memo on your phone and keep talking until your very name sounds like garbled nonsense. Then write a blog post about what you’re thinking at that very moment, and what the sounds coming out of your mouth have to do with each other and you and your life.

2 stars, for the psychological anguish, even though its technically really easy.


Make Your Own Daily Create- Make a Pun in 2 Languages


Tell a joke by mashing up two languages. Make it layered. Make it excellent. Tie it together with an image that brings the pun home. Observe:

Cuando el abogado da el motivo del conductor de tren por cometer el asesinato, pero el jurado no lo cree.

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 1.13.37 PM

4 stars because it requires skills outside of the DS106 wheelhouse and some good old-fashioned thinking.

Unit 9- Video Assignments for Next Unit


Looking at the video assignments, I immediately like classical-modern mashup, where you take a modern music video and set it to music, and either making a vine or doing a bit of lip synching. I can use iMovie for the first and the last, and for the vine obviously I would have to download vine. All of them seem fairly doable, assuming I know what I’m talking about. I think I know how to mute a video track in iMovie, so layering an audio track over silent video should be real easy. That would apply to the mashup and the lip synching. I’ve never used vine before, but I’m confident I’ll be able to figure it out if for no other reason than the youth has done it, and they’re just awful.

And right about now, I’m glad I did more daily creates than I need to a few units ago so I don’t have to do some now. So I’m just gonna move right on to the next unit.

Unit 6- Daily Create


Troilet (heh)

The internet is where we go,

It hosts our multimodal tools

Us ds106ers know

the internet is where we go,

to make a n00b look like a pro.

We needn’t seem a group of fools,

The internet is where we go.

It hosts our multimodal tools.

Rhyme scheme- ABaAabAB, and I’m pretty sure I actually nailed the iambic tetrameter. Boom Shaka-Laka!