Popcorn Vacation (To Hell, accompanied by young children and elderly people on a too hot day right after everyone has had a big meal right before and you have to walk a long way, then you have to sit very close together somewhere and then your room isn’t ready and all the pool chairs are taken and drinks are too sweet and like $20)


Man, Popcorn can go right to hell with the devil and die. I really wanted to stick it out with this tool and make it work and not be a complainer, but its been like 2 hours that I’ve been doing this and its been setback after setback. and none of it was because I messed something up or couldn’t figure something out- that all happened, but I got over it. It was just the tool itself that kept tripping over its own feet and screwing up what I had already done. I just couldn’t hang with that level of frustrating ineptitude. I’m putting in a serious effort to do everything asked of me for my class, but to get through this the way I’m being asked to I’ll be here all night, and I’ll only have one shitty project made with a broken web tool to show for it, and I don’t want that. The link I’m including below has the work I did for the first half of the remix objectives. I walked away from it when it refused to just leave the wikipedia page where it was supposed to go. I just don’t have that much patience, nor do I think saintliness should be a course requirement.


Post-Photographic Challenge


I thought this remix was going to be really easy and I had not one but TWO really funny ideas so i settled on one and assembled the tools and pieces really quickly and then EVERYTHING FELL RIGHT THE F APART. It took me way too long to realize the reason that Powerpoint (the program I used to layer and adjust these images) was just taking an aggressive crap every time I tried to remove the background on old Mr. Doc’s picture is that it was a huge file. So I opened another one and did a screen grab of it, cause I’m clever. Then I had no problems. Above, my creation.